Lisa T.D. Nguyen

Lisa T.D. Nguyen is an entrepreneur, TV Host, TEDx speaker and founder of Senhoa Foundation. She holds a BA/LLB and LLM from the University of Sydney. As Executive Director of VOICE, she worked extensively on issues relating to refugee protection, overseeing the resettlement of 300 stateless Vietnamese to Canada. Lisa founded Senhoa Foundation in 2010, a non-profit and social business that supports vulnerable persons and survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia.

For her community service work, she was awarded the Order of Australia Association Medal for Community Services, Young Vietnamese Australian of the Year and the Inspiration Awards for Women. In 2013, she represented Senhoa as it received the Crystal of Hope Award before former President Bill Clinton, Sir Elton John and Hilary Swank.

Outside of her philanthropic work, Lisa is also an emcee for Asia Entertainment, a musical production company and top promoter of artists for the overseas Vietnamese diaspora. She was also the producer and host of her own show called Life+Style with Thuy Duong on SBTN, a 24-hour cable television network.

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