Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor, Founder and CEO – Metropolitan West

The story of Metropolitan West began in 1992 with its CEO Kelly Taylor, prosaically enough, looking for a job. It brought her into a thriving graffiti-removal business, thanks to frequent vandalism in the subway and on the streets of Los Angeles. She realized it was a common problem for the city, and while helping to solve it, she was also looking for ways to make the solution more effective. That was how Kelly got into anti-graffiti film – the first glass film she started working with.

Today, Metropolitan West is still loyal to the mission of improving people’s surroundings. With her mind always set on innovation, Kelly has gone far beyond anti-graffiti film and now offers safety and design solutions such as decorative glass films, safety films, custom wall murals and window tint (solar control film). All of MetWest’s products are created with a goal to make a client’s workspace more comfortable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly – and good-looking, of course.

“WOWification, one space at the time!” is Kelly’s approach when it comes to customer service. MetWest is not simply about high-quality glass film that is guaranteed to fit perfectly, interior graphics customized for clients’ design needs, or window tinting solutions that keep the energy bills low and the planet healthy. It is about putting in the extra effort when assisting the clients and giving them exactly what they need. Kelly oversees every project from start to finish, making sure to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

This approach has made MetWest one of the largest woman-owned companies in Los Angeles and Orange County. It is one of the leading providers of glass films and interior graphics and works with well-known interior designers, contractors and commercial architects. However, Kelly is always looking to the future. Having received a patent for her new product peerhatch, a dry-erase wall covering, she is looking forward to bringing it to the market and showing how it can make a workspace more creative and collaborative. Moreover, MetWest is expanding to Las Vegas – and has an eye on the rest of the country.

When not helping people make their surroundings better, Kelly loves the excitement of sailing and rowing, and is looking to get back into horse riding. Although her life is truly busy, she always finds time to help those around her, be it charity, education opportunities for employees, or simply a smile when you’re feeling down.

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